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released October 29, 2016

Written, engineered, and produced by Wes Jones
Lyrics by Jake Behr and Wes Jones
Mastered by Spring House Recordings
Logo by Jake Behr



all rights reserved


Wes Jones Music New York

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Track Name: Wes Jones - Stay
Syphon the love
Devote the trust
Nothing will change
You'll stay the same

Every waking instant violated
Influence restated in someone else's voice
If everything we are is curves and lines ecliptic, fabula electric
Why seal it all away inside a pine box?
Why don't we get a choice?

Bring me home
I want to feel that way again
Bring him home
I want to see him once again
Track Name: Wes Jones - Cradle
I don't believe in most things
I cannot feel the pull
Of any higher power
Or anyone below

I cannot sleep inside of
A silence undeterred
Every morning interrupted
A new life deferred
A new life...

I cannot sleep inside of
A silence undeterred
Every morning's implication is
A new life reversed

And today
I'm already a memory of myself
Home is something undone
I amount to no one
I amount to no one else

Who will close the book for me?
Who will mark my place?
I'm pulling pages
I'm laying no more ink

Waking drunk
And nightmares are not peace
Nothing here is normal
Around your empty space
Track Name: Wes Jones - Alone
Insulated by the masses
In my cozy empty hall
Free from all of these distractions
I don't feel a loss

Addicted to the silence
In my time spent alone
The hunger pangs consume me
This consummate life

Here I am again
Lamenting who I could have been
All those I ignored
Loved ones, family, friends

And here I am again
All this pressure in my head
Vacuum of my history
And the life I could have had

Things are simpler here
In my cozened empty heart
Half of me out of the doorway
Half of me inside

A smile for the heartache
Of those close enough to see
Everything I'm hiding from
Not least of all me

I cannot take the pity
I will grin at every joke
Nothing if not nothing

I am OK, I swear to noone
I'm feeling right at home
Nothing if not nothing

I'd like to be alone

I will always be alone
I will never be alone
Track Name: Wes Jones - Statistics
Everything they teach
Everything they touch
Will bleed

You're counted in grade points, statistics
It's time for you to be realistic
They're waiting, you're pacing the hallway
There's someone already deciding you

Had options in money, a future
The would has outgrown all its sutures
The sharks are gathering to claim their prize
There's someone already dividing you

They tell me I must earn my birthright
That my pen is getting dull
Tomorrow is a fire grown
Outside of my control

I am more

I've reached the summit
No stairway beyond the clouds
Dive into the silence
Where hope is not aloud

Every day a little harder
To identify my place
Slog through each injustice
To bed and empty slate

Have options and pathways, a future
I'll earn my way out into closure
This freedom is fine if that's all there is
There's nobody out there deciding me

I'm more than just gradepoints, statistics
This dream has always been realistic
Keep waiting and pacing the hallways
And keep praying there's no one deciding you
Track Name: Wes Jones - Drawing Lines
A heart I swore was made of stone
Cracking under pressure
Watch the one that I love most
Wither to a stranger
Break me down to my bases
Draw lines in strange places

Use one of your precious final breaths
To say that you're proud of me
Do my best to keep that so
When you're high above me
Break me down to my bases
Draw lines in strange places

There's a sunrise
Past this nightmare
Just around the bend, its there
(A future yesterday, a distance right there)
[Aim at the sun
Not at the past
Don't break but bend, be there]

I know a tiny part of me
Believes I'll reach beyond this
Hold your hand and watch you breath
Are you even conscious?
I'm through
Please God just erase this
Draw lines in strange...

Spend the rest of my good years
Wishing you goodbye
Onward into that good night
May you see its light
Break me down to my bases
Draw lines in strange places