Wes Jones - Statistics

from by Wes Jones Music



Everything they teach
Everything they touch
Will bleed

You're counted in grade points, statistics
It's time for you to be realistic
They're waiting, you're pacing the hallway
There's someone already deciding you

Had options in money, a future
The would has outgrown all its sutures
The sharks are gathering to claim their prize
There's someone already dividing you

They tell me I must earn my birthright
That my pen is getting dull
Tomorrow is a fire grown
Outside of my control

I am more

I've reached the summit
No stairway beyond the clouds
Dive into the silence
Where hope is not aloud

Every day a little harder
To identify my place
Slog through each injustice
To bed and empty slate

Have options and pathways, a future
I'll earn my way out into closure
This freedom is fine if that's all there is
There's nobody out there deciding me

I'm more than just gradepoints, statistics
This dream has always been realistic
Keep waiting and pacing the hallways
And keep praying there's no one deciding you


from Quietus, released October 29, 2016
Vocals: Jake Behr
Guitar: Brandan Galloway, Seth Skinner, Dave Reid
Bass: Wes Jones
Drums: Jeff Murray
Keys: Wes Jones



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